I was born nested among the mountains of the Ecuadorean
Andes and spent most of my childhood between there and the paradisic waters of the Caribbean in the island of Dominican Republic, where my dad is from. These two places gave me my essence. Latina.

I studied public health, graduated in a heep with honors, jumped on a sailboat and cruised for the better part of a year. Almost dying in many occassions, but still able to pay my bills through a tiny tech company my best friend and I started.

Fast forward 2 years and my first daughter was born and with her, my latest tech endeavour the one that would truly show me how hard, rewarding and excrusiatingly complex being an entreprenuer can be.

Now, I live in San Francisco, which is lie. I live in Berkeley (much nicer) but for the purpose of this page, you can say I am a latina tech founder that lives in SF. I am good at starting things and following through and for the most part only invest or get involved in high impact projects. Unless it’s something my daughters ask.

Cayetana Polanco


I never intended to be a tech founder… but I intended to travel and hosting a company online gave me that freedom. So I learned the basics to run online-based businesses.

All of the other companies before Keyo matter because they taught me stuff… important stuff, but none had the scale of this one.

At Keyo we are building the first privacy-focused identity network. With a wave of the palm of the hand our devices identify people based on 5 million points within the intersection of their veins. Once enrolled, users can pay in stores, redeem tickets, unlock doors, identify themselves and more with a contactless scan. Our hardware enabled software is replacing the need for cards, tickets, IDs and fobs accross various industries around the world. We have pilots running with some of the largest companies in the world and continue to grow.


I have had the honor of presenting along side some of the giants, the type of people one inspires to be.

To stage I bring my very latina personality, experience and laughter. I love inspiring and empowering people to follow pursue their
goals through a dose of reality. I share my tips and tricks and tell some stories.

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Aside from surfing, playing with my daughters and exploring the world. I am passionate about big audacious social projects, especially in Latin America.

I grew up taking a 45 min bus ride to school, out of my window, I would see children in the street begging for food, selling candy and taking care of their younger sibilings every day. It’s a reality that was weaved into
who I am.

Contributing to Latin America’s future is where most of my free energy goes.